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Simple steps to start a blog post



Why starts writing a blog post?

  • Share your stories, knowledge, and idea with other people.
  • Get some income via platforms like Medium.com, Substack.com.
  • Feel that you're contributing to the communities and helpful to everyone.
  • Your content may unintentionally be helping people. _Please add more advantages to writing blog posts, in your opinion :)

pexels-porapak-apichodilok-346813.jpg Simple steps to start writing:

1. Identify your topic: I like to write about Agility, Tech. Find some things you're passionate about. So you are indeed enjoying writing about the subject.

2. Identify the skeleton, or main points, of the post. Each issue will be a single paragraph: the approach makes it easier to keep the whole post focused on the main topic you identified and not be lost to many things that popped up in your mind while thinking.

3. Identify the bottom line, what is the most valuable thing you want the reader to remember: help the readers have the key takeaways and values out of the post. Time matters for everyone; we don't want our audiences to waste their time.

0_Sv4oa8JK3E_SY8KM.jpeg My bottom line for this post: your stories matter more than you think; they can help people feel better or encourage them to do something they've been procrastinating for sometimes. "Just write it".


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