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Website: https://hoaianhtravel.com/

The website is designed to be simple and easy to use, making it easy for customers to find suitable tourist hotel locations for them. Customers can book tours online through the website or directly contact hoaianhtravel.com travel consultants for dedicated support and advice.

1. Search function

Allow customers to easily search for tourist destinations that match their needs. Customers can enter search keywords such as hotel, resort, or tour name to search for information about related tourist destinations.

The search function also allows customers to filter search results by criteria such as price, type, distance... and many other criteria. The search function on the website helps customers save time and effort in finding information about travel destinations that suit their needs.

2. List hotel/resort

You can find a list of reliable and quality hotels in all cities of Vietnam. This list is compiled and evaluated by hoaianhtravel.com based on many criteria such as location, price, service, and reviews from previous customers.

Each hotel on the list has detailed information about the services and facilities that the hotel offers, helping customers to choose the right hotel for their needs and requirements. In addition, the website also offers special offers and promotions when customers book online through hoaianhtravel.com.

3. View room rates and book rooms

The hotel page includes the following main sections:

- General information: including hotel name, address, the location from the center, and a short description of the hotel.

- Slide pictures of the hotel: here you can see all the general pictures of that hotel such as the lobby, dining room, park, bedroom, and kid club...

- Details of each hotel's room type including the name of the room type, price, detailed pictures of the bedroom as well as amenities and price of that room type; You can book a room here by clicking the Book button.

- Below is an overview of the hotel, location, means of transportation, check-in and check-out times, and check-in rules.

- Facilities - Services at the hotel/resort: list amenities such as restaurant, spa, laundry, beach...

- Finally, a map of the hotel, is convenient for you to shape the location that the hotel you are looking for.

With this layout, customers can easily search for detailed hotel information and make quick and easy booking decisions on hoaianhtravel.com website.


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