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Being UI Designer from zero



Hi!! I'm Hung from ABC Software Solutions Company. 

In this article, I want to share with you some orientations about UI design for beginners, the following content is the process of learning about UI, as well as some difficulties encountered when starting design. So how to be a good designer? Let's dig deeper with me. UI designer is a new but very "hot" industry. Large companies in programming and designing websites and mobile applications have a need to recruit UI designers with high salaries, making this job promising. Offers for UI Designers are also increasing year by year. However, this industry does not have a formal training system at universities, so there is a situation where supply is not enough. Especially the students who have not been exposed to much when they are still in the lecture hall. Learning Design UI is difficult and doesn't follow a process. And here are the steps to get you started learning UI from your personal experience. 

Join a design course 

Rectangle 2.png If you feel that the amount of information on the internet is too much and rambling, you do not know how to systematize that information, then I recommend you to learn and participate in a UI design course. The design course will help you systematize that scattered knowledge into a unified block, teaching you how to work effectively as a team. In addition, you also get help from the course's lecturers - often those with long experience in the industry. In addition, it is also very important for you to learn from books and newspapers. 

Join design communities and learn about UI design through books and magazines 


 It is very easy for you to join a UI design community, be it through FaceBook, Instagram, Dribbble,… Joining a design community will help you meet and make new friends. We will share stories, common problems at work,… or share knowledge. In addition, you can access more job opportunities by joining a community.

 Master basics of visual design 

Graphic-design-basics.jpg When I was a beginner, I just thought that the design was just beautiful and pleasing to my eyes, of course for a person like me, the design did not follow any rules and was completely wrong. User Interface is the face of the product, it is the place where users see and interact with your design. In order to ensure a good enough interface, you need to master the basics of the meaning of color and the principle of using color.

  •  Typography: types of fonts, font systems as well as rules for using typo in UI design. 
  • Contrast: contrast, build information hierarchy, create emphasis. 
  • Spacing: Using whitespace helps to separate or group information on the interface, making the visual hierarchy clearer. 
  • Grid: the information on the interface is arranged neatly and neatly, helping to increase the uniformity of your interface. 
  • Color: the meaning of color and the principle of using color.

Understand Design Process 


 A lot of new designers often don't care about the form and the customer's goals, often go to the design step as soon as they receive the request (I used to be). And I realized this is not good at all. We should have a design in a scientific and researched way. The first thing I recommend learning about the product design process. There are several processes you can search on Google with the keyword “design process”. A good product is one that solves a user's problem. To do this, you need to know who you make products for, what problems they solve, how to solve them… 

This is the most basic principle in the design industry, which is used for product design. products from physics to technology. Good design thinking will help you answer those questions through this process:

  •  Empathize: Empathize with the user.
  •  Define: Defines the problem the user is facing.
  •  Ideate: Come up with an idea. 
  • Prototype: Design the first prototype. 
  • Test: Test the design. 

UI-UX-Design.jpg Based on the above conclusions, I will summarize the main directions that people should pay attention to as follows: 

  • Self-study online by taking foundation courses: Online Web Design Course. Read a lot of books and specialized magazines Take courses in using Figma design software. Update the latest design trends at home and abroad.
  •  Join Community Groups on Facebook: Learn Figma. Train your design thinking by working on your own projects and following the design process.
  •  Identify strengths and build profiles: Each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, at first you may not realize what your strengths are, what areas you are really suitable for. Analyze your own strengths Develop a plan to develop strengths and improve weaknesses Please do internships at companies to gain more experience.
  •  Understanding the market, recruitment process: Once you have the knowledge, experience and skills in hand, the last thing you need to do is choose a suitable job. 

The above is all my sharing as well as my experiences in the process of learning design, I know everyone will have different approaches, but I still hope this article helps everyone to some extent. 

Once again, I'm Hung, thank you for your interest in my Blog!!!


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