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I'm Hung from ABC Software Solutions Company.

Today is a very beautiful day, reminding me of the moment when I first stepped into UI-UX with so many surprises. So on this occasion I would like to share with you a story about my UI-UX learning process and the difficulties I have encountered, hope that everyone will like this little story of mine.

Why choose UI-UX?

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For a person who just graduated from a university majoring in information technology like me, why choose a job as UI-UX designer? Yup, I simply want to challenge myself in a new field related to programming. I was very fortunate to be introduced and work at ABC Software Solutions, where I had a wonderful time when I experienced the feeling of being an apprentice do real projects. Thanks to that, my design ability gradually improved a lot.

UI-UX helps me connect with everyone in the team, in addition, I can create designs that express my personal creativity. Most tech careers are technical, doing repetitive tasks every day, such as coding. Because I don't like such aridity, UI-UX is "kind" to me, but my creative designs still have to comply with design and programming rules.

The difficulties


At first, I thought UI-UX was the same, but that's not the case at all. UI-UX are two inseparable categories, but they are completely separate concepts. It is impossible to work on the user experience without considering the appropriate interface and aesthetics. On the contrary, if the interface is very eye-catching but builds hard-to-see content, it is also a disadvantage.

UI-UX is easy but difficult? When I first started designing, I only thought how to make the interface beautiful and pleasing to my eyes and I did not follow any design rules at all. It was a very serious mistake, I made very basic mistakes due to my haste, I received a lot of feedback from the brothers and sisters in the company, at that time I felt extremely confused. However, it felt like my product was not well received, at this point I realized that UI-UX is not as simple as I thought.

After that fall, I started to carefully learn about UI-UX more carefully, I spent a lot of time taking courses on Udemy and going to consult other clones of other designs on communities. UI-UX coin. I am fortunate to have Ms. Chi (Senior UI-UX Designer) who has always supported me from afar, specifically evaluating my designs, only tools, plugins… She is also the feedback person for the products. in the future, help me improve. I am very grateful and love you very much.

The experience I've been through

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In the process of working with everyone in the team, I have learned a lot. When starting out, of course, there will be a little bit of difficulty, as simple as, for example, when I finish the design and give it to the coder, the coder or commenter says the design like this is too difficult, can't be done and requires Change the design to make coding easier. However, easier to code is not always better. Because you coder doesn't understand UI-UX, you don't understand why it is necessary to design it like that, affecting the final product. It was also an experience for me, now that I have overcome this drawback, the work becomes smoother and the product comes out perfectly.

Here are some experiences that I have learned after my UI-UX learning process.

  • Master the most basic knowledge: When starting something, it should go from easy to difficult, basic to advanced, there must be a clear roadmap. UI-UX design is a new profession and full of opportunities for those who want to enter. Therefore, grasping and possessing the essential skills and qualities for this job will help us build a solid foundation, from which, quickly develop into a professional UI/UX Designer.
  • Continuously updating new knowledge about UI-UX: UI-UX is a profession that needs constant updating. Learning new skills and improving technique is essential to keeping up with the market. Those learning resources can come from books, community groups, courses…
  • Self-learning ability: UI-UX needs a lot of investment to learn, so it is necessary to allocate time in a tight and reasonable way. In addition, when I have a new design, I can share it with UI-UX groups so that experienced people give direct feedback to help us progress faster.
  • Put your heart into the product: Every product we make should be considered as our own child and give it the best. Where has anyone given birth to a child? I have to take care of it since I was pregnant to keep it healthy. It still has to be taken care of so that it looks clean and behaves with others politely. Just like from the stage of code has to be clean, making products must have good UI, good UX, less bugs, less crashes.
  • Adhere to UX-/UX design principles: When the design is most important to focus on the user, in addition the design must ensure consistency, responsiveness to the context and content.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills are an important factor to help us become a good designer. Specifically, we must have the ability to communicate, think creatively. Must know how to react flexibly and understand users. The foreign language factor is the most important part, good foreign languages ​​will have many opportunities and the ability to advance in work.

Actually, I see that every job will have difficulties, when I overcome those difficulties, I will receive extremely worthy results. Up to now, UI-UX is still the thing that makes the most passion and attachment. Now I just want to be good at the job I have, accept the parts that won't turn out the way I wanted, and enjoy the moment when I can forget all about the work

Just that, then in the evening, at the weekend, go chill, don't worry too much, life is in balance, and then find many different ways to make yourself happy, that's all.

Hard work pays off. Work hard to train and equip yourself with the necessary skills and qualities to be stronger on the career development path of a UI-UX Designer, friends!

I'm Hung, thank you for your interest in my Blog!!!


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