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My first experience working on a project with my team.

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Nguyễn Đình Duy Luân




My first experience working on a project with my team.

Hello everyone, my name is Luan and I'm a BA intern at ABC software company. I had only joined the company for over 2 months but I really enjoyed my time working for the company. In this 2 month of working, our team has done a couple of projects together, and for me personally the most memorable project is probably the "M investment company project" in which we design the website's front-end for a foreign investment company. I had learned a few new things and also encountered some difficulty while I was working on the project and I would like to share my working experience through this blog.


Before me and my team started the "M project" we were working on designing our company's website so we have had some experience about coding front-end using tailwind and bootstrap framework as well as webpack module bundler. When we started our new project, we applied the same framework to it so that it is easier for us to work on. Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces. It is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework that gives me all of the building blocks I need to build without using the old verbose css command line. Tailwind helped me reduce a lot of effort in coding css for the website so at the beginning my workload was going pretty smoothly and easy to do. But after 2 to 3 days of working, I soon faced some difficulty.


The first difficulty was unlike in the previous project, each of the members in our team have to do our own separate website design and there is a monitoring and evaluation instructor who will review my code and decided whether or not it's qualify to use, the instructor will also give feedback to me about my code and help me to fixed it. But in the new project, the instructor will be less involved in helping and just focusing more on reviewing and judging, so I have to fix my code quite a few times before my code gets approved and merged to the main branch.

The second difficulty was that in the previous project our team work separately while in the new project we have to work together and because we work on github, sometimes the code I push will get conflicted and unable for the instructor to review due to various reason such as: not rebasing the main branch, pushing too many commits, pushing the wrong code,… . Also, when other members' code get merged into the main branch it could sometimes cause the design to create bugs due to the css name conflicted with other members' css name.

Beside the difficulty, I also learn a lot of new things while working on the project. I learn how to optimise my code more so that when other people see it, they can recognize it more easily. I also learn how to name each class corresponding to their uses, as well as learning how to apply animation to the background image so they can move with the content inside it while scrolling. Overall, in the new project my coding workload only took about 50 – 60% while in the other 40 - 50% I was working as a business analyst.

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Because I was a BA intern, I was responsible for creating every ticket for the new project before our team started to work on it, as well as updating and communicating with the project's client so that I can understand what they want and their requirements for their website. On the first online meeting with the clients, because it's my first time working as a BA I just sat near my project manager and listened to their conversation while taking note about the client feedback and their requirements on the figma design. After I have listed all the feedback, I have to write the comment on the figma design so both our team and the customer can see it and change the design on time, the hardest part about this is that the I have to utilize my time well and constantly communicating with both the client and our design team so that we can keep up with the project's deadline, while in this process I have to pay careful attention to both parties so that the design team don't mistake the clients feedback or the clients is dissatisfied with the design. Another difficulty is the differences between my time zone and the clients time zone which make it quite difficult to have a regular online meeting. On the other hand, I also learn a lot while working as a BA in the project such as: the structure of task's ticket (how to properly name the ticket to correct matching their task and studying the design and writing the requirements for each specific task), how to communicate with foreign clients using English as well as with the members in my team so that the workload can be smoother and more proficiency.

At the end of the project, I was the one who was responsible for checking and delivering the final front-end design to the other team so that they can assemble the front-end and back-end code, after that they will handover the final product to clients. But before assemble the product, the other team also have to check the design again and confirm whether or not it is correct with the design that the clients agree and if there are any changes or bug, I had to create a new ticket for me and fixing the bug so that it's correct and meet the requirements, in this step I also need to pay attention to the clients and check if they have any feedback and discuss with them so that our team don't overfulfill and making our job harder.


That's the end of my blog, I hope everyone who reads this can learn a thing or two, or it can help you have more experience about the related jobs.


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